Owner Sherry Murphy has always believed that “true beauty starts from within”, but also is aware of the impact a problematic skin type can have on one’s self-esteem. She experienced her own skin care concerns as a young adult which resulted in a negative perception of her own external self. This led her to enroll at the Catherine Hinds School of Aesthetics. There, she was able to fulfill her desire and acquire the best education and professional skills needed in caring for her client’s varied skin types. She is now able to provide the appropriate treatment, product and knowledge for her client's confidence in putting their best face forward.

Sherry has successfully been a part of the beauty industry for many years.  With her passion for clinical skin care, her goal has always been to provide optimal skin health and well-being to all of her clients. She continues to stay abreast of the advances of clinical care through a holistic approach in order to achieve this goal. Realizing in the world today there is a beauty intimidation that resonates the expectation of “perfection”. This stigma affects the self image of the young and old alike. Sherry is determined to incorporate the knowledge for corrective skin care along with her passion for the art of make-up and its ability to create a sense of cosmetic therapy.

The opening of her salon Bloom Beauty has fulfilled her dream of becoming a salon owner and allows Sherry the ability to provide quality of care and artistry through passionate service and by perfecting the art of make-up to enhance one’s own natural beauty, resulting in what Sherry refers to as “cosmetic therapy”.  With her firm belief that beauty lies within all of us, Sherry ensures all of her clients discover their own unique self. Starting with the creation of her cosmetic line “Rachel Jaymes Cosmetics”, defining ones most individual beauty became the mission at the heart of Bloom Beauty.